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Heart Resonance Courses

These are held in Randpark Johannesburg

(Courses will be held in major centres around South Africa according to demand.)

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Randpark  -   Level 1
Randpark  -   Practitioner
Randpark  -   Level 1
Randpark  -   Practitioner
Level 2
Randpark  -   Advanced Practitioner

R 1288
R 1288

R 1288
R 1288
R 1888


11th July  8:30am - 5pm
25th July  8:30am - 5pm
26th July      8:30am - 5pm  
1st August   8:30am - 5pm
29/30 Aug    8:30am - 5pm


Heart Resonance Course Content:

Level One  
Level one Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT) is taught over one day 9am – 5pm.
During the workshop you will learn:

  • The History of HRT – how it all started and how it has evolved.

  • You will receive the HRT transmission – during this process the HRT teacher raises his/her vibration into a higher dimensional reality to gain access to the very specific Divine Love Resonance that is HRT. Whilst in this space, the teacher is able to perform a transmission of this frequency into the student, empowering them for life with HRT.

  • The Universal law of Resonance - it is through this law that level one HRT works as a healing modality.

  • Learn how and why HRT works as a healing and spiritual development tool.

  • Our evolving Chakra /Energy system and how its new functionality is impacting on our life.

  • How to self-treat with this powerful energy by using a simple, yet powerful form of meditation.

  • Treatment of others – learn how to treat people in a professional way. This section of the workshop addresses all legal, health and clinic procedures.

  • Other uses of HRT – sending treatments, food, water, plants and environmental healing and clearing

Practitioner Level Two
Level two Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT) is taught over one day 9am – 5pm.
During the workshop you will learn:

  • Level Two Meditation - A wonderful tool to re-balance, ground, and de-stress the body

  • Holy Trinity Treatment – very effective treatment for people who suffer from stress, depression or any emotional issues. Helps to re-align the grounding channel within the body thereby reinstating calmness and balance.

  • Holy Trinity Concepts – learn some amazing techniques to clear the negative impact of past events, create positive outcomes for future events. It can also be used environmentally to change the energy of places and situations in a positive way.

  • Inner Journey Treatments - Powerful treatments allowing you to work internally within the body. This process is like shamanic travelling into the body and can be done on yourself as well as others.

  • Body Water Scrying – remove the negative residue energies and imprints held within the water of the body. In so doing, allows the body to function with more ease and grace.

  • Body System Healing – Learn to work on very deep levels within all the major body systems clearing out emotional stagnation and disharmonious imprints. Many of these negative energies create burden and ill health.

  • Meridian Balancing – simple and easy to learn techniques to balance the meridian flows through the body.

Advanced Level Three
Level three Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT) is taught over one day 9am – 5pm.
During the workshop you will learn:

  • Level Three Meditations - The level 3 meditation is very important for the evolutionary shift we are currently moving into. Besides from helping you to dissolve negative stagnation within the body, it is also lighting up your energy circuitry. By flooding the energy system with this very specific frequency, you are helping the body prepare and assimilate the new changes that are occurring, as we all move towards God self-awakening.

  • Activating New Spiritual Energy Pathways – During level three you will receive another energy transmission that will activate and open new energy pathways within the body. This will allow you to be at the forefront of the new spiritual awakening of mankind.

  • Connecting to your God self – Learn how to merge with the Divine aspect within to instigate powerful healing shifts within your body and others.

  • Inter-dimensional Healing – There can be lots of energies in many realities that impact negatively on your life. In this technique you will learn to travel into different dimensional spaces to dissolve and disconnect all frequencies that do not serve you in this incarnation.

  • Harmonic Resonate Fields – By creating very powerful heart resonance energy harmonics you can supercharge and optimize many skills thereby increasing your effectiveness as a HRT practitioner.

  • Energy body Healing – Learn to remove negative patterns and imprints from the energy fields that impact on your life. These techniques help remove re-manifesting negative issues.

  • Essence Healing - Powerful techniques that remove negative potentials from your life even before they manifest. Learn how to create homeopathic remedies of the very essence of who you are, which are then used harmonically to bring positive change

Advanced Practitioner Master Class
The Master Class is an extension to the Advance Practitioner level. In this class we take HR to a whole new and higher frequency and level.
The workshop will cover the following:

  • Changing the Mind-set

  • The Clearance Point

  • 8 Body Spinal Healing

  • 8 Spine meditation

  • God Invocation/ Cellular Renewal

  • Working in the Old Brain & the Amygdala

  • The Ascetic Shield

  • Light Screening & Halcyon Fields

  • Recognizing Imprint Pathways

  • Body Electric Systems

  • Cortex Inflammation Clearing

  • Self-Pathway Clearing

  • Creators and Pathways

  • And much More…

A Teaching Class is also available:

  • Trevor Gollagher personally interviews those wishing to be trained as teaches. Not all are accepted.

  • Strict adherence to teaching material is required by all teachers worldwide.

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