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Basic Differences between Reiki and Heart Resonance Energy
Reiki Chakras: you work on the 7 chakras within the Human Body Namely : Crown Chakra , Third Eye Chakra , Throat Chakra , Heart Chakra , Solar Plexus Chakra , Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra

Heart Resonance Chakras: Only the Sacred Chakras are used namely Heart , Soul Star and Earth Star Chakra – all the other chakras automatically become balanced.

Reiki Symbols are used before every treatment which are transferred into your hands

Heart Resonance No Symbols are used thus "no religious connotations"

Reiki you use your hands to transfer energy into the person being treated over all 7 chakras.

Heart Resonance through entrainment (higher energy of practitioner causes patients energy to rise to same level) or projection - energy enters person being treated.
"no hands are needed."

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