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Personal Heart Resonance Grid

Since the activation of the grid I have had a continual flow of information about why it has been activated and its many uses. First I like to say that this grid has been grounded and activated for 2 main reasons, one for personal release and alignment, and the other to influence the planet as a whole.

Not long after I activated the grid, I went through many energetic shifts, in the forest and back at my room. I was in a state of great expansion. By the next day I went through an experience that resembled a heart attack, with the feeling of something being ripped out of my chest. I later learnt from spirit this experience was a deep release of resistance.

I was made aware that on a personal level, once the grid was activated within a person, it would start the release of non-truthful resistance every time the person would connect into the grid.

Resistance is the cause of all negative experiences a human can have. We all have some form of resistance going on inside of us; this is a normal part of being human. However for us to ascend, we must release all forms of resistance and fear. These energies are not of a frequency that can exist in the vibrational field we are entering. The 5 th dimensional ascended reality is a reality of love, not fear.

All illness, burden, struggle, pain, and suffering are directly related to resistance to fear. It is our perception and belief in what is not real – fear, that holds us in a delusionary state of lack. By dropping resistance, we in essence function in allowance. Allowance is an energetically truthful state, one in full alignment to the ascension process. So by being in allowance, we position ourselves in the best possible place for our energetic transcendence.

The new Heart Resonance grids will in effect align us more and more to the ascension process through allowance. This will make our transition from a fear-based reality to love-based reality more harmonious and joyful.

We have been given a gift of loving support to transcend into a higher, more loving reality. This knowing overwhelms me. It makes me feel so loved by the universe. It brings up an intense feeling of love within my body.

I have mentioned many times in my previous books that we must live from love, detachment, and allowance if we are to survive our pending shift into higher vibration. It is our destiny to do this.

We currently exist in an illusionary fear-based reality - this will dissolve in time. It is important that we all live in love’s resonance and not from fear. To find that place of love within us all, and trust, regardless of what happens around us, knowing all is well. Divine perfection is unfolding right now, regardless if we perceive it or not.

The shift that is, and will occur in the future, is all about releasing us from burden, struggle, and heartache. There is nothing to be afraid of except our own mind’s delusionary manifestations. Soon we all will realise this.

In the coming intensification of spirit energy within our bodies, we will need to maintain focus on what is real. I believe the Heart Resonance Grid will help all who are connected to it to be in a place of peace and love.

It will hold the person in a cocoon of love frequency, if they trust, enabling us to shift into the New Earth with love. This is what it has been activated for.
As the song goes "Times they are a Changing". As we change, we will awaken more and more to our truth, that we are in deed a little piece of God. That we as humans, are at our very core, the vibration of love - this is our truth.

As we rise more and more into higher vibration, we will experience our little piece of God in a more direct and real way. Love within will be directly experienced. In essence, we will become more conscious, self – realised. We will awaken into the higher vibration of love moving us into divine light and experience.

Ascension is all about living from love. It is a reality devoid of fear-based energies and experience. Our ascended state is in a vibrational field beyond fear – there will be only love.

I think I have repeated myself enough on this matter now to hopefully affirm within you the importance of allowance and love.

The personal Heart Resonance grid effectively aligns you to ascension if used. The more I connect into it, the more I am finding acceptance to what use to be hard in my life. I am being freed from what burdens me. A greater sense of peace, love, and empathy is arising within.
All who receive this activation will join me on this journey into truth and love. Really, the choice is yours.

All people that have so far received the activation and are actively working with it are finding deep shift within themselves. Deep purging and release has been activated.

This personal Heart Resonance Grid activation is turning people into the light. It is a way of knowing through grid connection that the light is upon us. We are entering the final stages of ascension, soon to be awakened in the masses. It is prime time to be aligned to what is real.

This is why we have been given access to this divine field of frequency. Now, more than ever, we can step through the threshold of light and enter God’s new world and kingdom.

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