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HR Grids

The Planetary Heart Resonance Grid

On a planetary level the grid will play a part in creating harmonic fields between the personal grids activated in Heart Resonance people and the greater planetary grid. This will have an entraining effect upon the planet as a whole.

I believe the Heart Resonance grid will support all of mankind to move up and through our ascension. I believe it is one of the frequencies spirit is using to support the ascension process.

Heart Resonance people who have received the grid activation are actively playing a part in the greater ascension of Mother Earth and all of mankind.
The awareness and magnitude of the ramification of this is profound.

How will the planetary grid help the masses?
As mentioned earlier, it is all to do with harmonics. Harmonics occur when two or more energies/sounds are the same. It is like two notes played on a musical instrument.

For example, if you played two C notes on a piano you would not just hear two notes. A third, bigger sound would appear. This is what is called an overtone or harmonic. Put simply, harmonics make greater the sum of the two parts. Harmonics also create a linkage between the two original sounds of vibration. It is like an energetic/sound bridge is created.

This is an important aspect in that a new field of energy/sound is created between the two sources of vibration. So now lets look at relating this to the personal and planetary Heart Resonance grids. Both grids consist of the same vibration, albeit of different intensities. So when a personal grid is activated, it straightaway creates a harmonic field of energy/sound between the person’s field and the planetary grid, which is constantly active. A new more powerful field of HR harmonics start to emanate out from both sources of the grid.

What this does is create a small harmonic field all across the planet. Why, because the planetary Heart Resonance Grid flows all across the planet, on the surface, internally, and also within the planetary Orbital Matrix. This matrix is a geometrical network of energies surrounding the planet. As mentioned above, the new field emanates out from both sources, and all areas within the grid energy.

In regards to Heart Resonance energy, the matrix works a little like a tuning fork, when we sound our personal orbital fields/tuning fork, it sounds in harmony with the planets matrix/tuning fork. This engulfs everything within its field. It creates this wonderful expansive field of Heart Resonance energy, in, through, and around the planet.

This will have an impact on everything within its vibration. In a sense you play an active role in entraining every living thing on the planet into a loving and allowing vibration we call Heart Resonance. Wow!

The more people who activate their personal Heart Resonance grids at the same time, the more powerful the harmonic field will be. As mention previously, the grid energy is having an impact of releasing resistance within people who actively use the grid. This will also occur for the whole planet when personal grids are activated.

Through the release of resistance, everyone will be supported to move with less imbalance, dysfunction, and chaos into ascension. Sure many people will still resist change, but it will help increase the likelihood of them "letting go" sooner rather than later. We all will embrace allowance eventually. Some will go kicking and screaming to ascension, while others will smile all of the way. Your experience of ascension will be determined by your level of allowance for shift and change to occur.

As more and more people actively use the grid energy, it will help the planet move up in spiritual vibration, by making purer its overall vibration through release.

You can see from this how important the Heart Resonance Grid energy is to the planet in these times of shift and change. I hope to organise regular grid activation events, so we can actively play a role in entraining all life into a loving, allowing place, to help all people to ascend harmoniously.
So if you are an advanced practitioner of Heart Resonance, I encourage you to consider receiving the grid activation. This will then help us all to be more proactive in our ascension. It will help us all move through this experience in a more loving and caring way.

Love and Grace Trevor Gollagher

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