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Heart Resonance

Heart Resonance (HR) is a new form of healing that is so simple, yet so powerful.
The HR system was developed by Trevor Gollagher over a fifteen-year period, drawing from his thirty years’ experience with healing and channelled information from above. Heart Resonance can be seen as two modalities in one.
Firstly, HR is a powerful yet easy to learn healing modality, shifting disharmony in the body to a state of health and well-being.
Secondly, HR is a cutting edge tool for spiritual transformation. This Divine Love energy will align you to a higher level of consciousness and love at this time of ascension, supporting you to move with grace along your spiritual path.
A HR practitioner is able to resonate a powerful ‘Divine Love Cantered’ energy field and in so doing transform dis-ease through the process of entrainment.  
The HR practitioner can travel on to any level of a person’s existence to instigate powerful and positive shifts, clearing emotional stagnation and residues that burden the body, mind and spirit. Heart Resonance practitioners and clients worldwide testify to its positive impact and power.

How is it Taught?

HR is taught in four levels, with a fifth teaching level also available upon application. Even though HR is taught through numerous levels, it is not essential that one move past the first level.

Level One
Level One HR is taught over one day 9am – 5pm.
The workshop will cover the following:

The history of HR
You will receive the HR transmission
The Universal Law of Resonance
Learn how and why HR works
Our evolving chakra /energy system
Treatment of others
Other uses of HR
The levels of HR
Environmental healing

After attending this workshop you will be able to effectively treat yourself and others. Many people have experienced life-changing results simply by attending.
The Course also includes a Comprehensive Manual , Trevor’s Book – Heart Resonance , Certificate all refreshments and Lunch

Practitioner Level

The Practitioner Level of HR is taught over one day 9am – 5pm.
The workshop will cover the following:

Holy Trinity Treatment
Holy Trinity Concepts
Inner Journey Treatment
Body Water Scrying
Body System Healing
Meridian Balancing

Practitioner Level HR allows the practitioner to work more effectively by accessing disharmony directly from within the body. This is a very powerful way to target negative imprinting and disease.
The Course also includes a Comprehensive Manual , Certificate all refreshments and Lunch


Advanced Practitioner Level – This course will be Taught in RSA in2014
Advanced Practitioner level Heart Resonance is taught over two days 10am – 5pm.
The workshop will cover the following:

Activating new spiritual energy pathways
Connecting to your Godself
Inter-dimensional healing
Harmonic Resonate fields
Sacred Sequence Clearing
Energy body healing
Essence healing
Soul’s Journey Imprint Clearing
Body Candescence Enhancement
Accessing the Divination Line
Soul Genetics
Kinetic Disturbance Clearing
The Three Crosses
Frequency Transference Technique
And much more…

The techniques of Level Three are some of the most energetically advanced processes available. All negative hindering imprints, discarnate attachments, and energy connections — basically anything that obstructs the body’s natural unfoldment — can be cleared using Level Three techniques.

Advanced Practitioner Master Class – Only Available In Australia at this Stage

The Master Class is an extension to the Advance Practitioner level. In this class we take HR to a whole new and higher frequency and level. The student learns powerful ways to alter vibrational frequencies within the person being treated, thus enabling profound shifts and clearing to occur.

The Master Class is taught over two days 10am – 5pm.
The workshop will cover the following:

Changing the Mind set
The Clearance Point
8 Body Spinal Healing
8 Spine meditation
God Invocation/ Cellular Renewal
Working in the Old Brain & the Amygdala
The Ascetic Shield
Light Screening & Halcyon Fields
Recognizing Imprint Pathways
Body Electric Systems
Cortex Inflammation Clearing
Self-Pathway Clearing
Creators and Pathways
And much More…

Heart Resonance Grid Activation
The HR Grid Activation aligns the person to the vibrational shift that is occurring currently on the planet. It also greatly increases the strength of the practitioners HR. Once the grid has been activated, the receiver will enter into a deep purging of resisting energies. The experiences that result from this powerful alignment are life changing.

Not only is the grid activation a powerful process for personal change, it also can be used in treatment protocols on others.
The activation and its teachings are conducted over a 3-hour session.

 The Grid activation is available for all people who have received the Heart Resonance Transmission/s

Heart Resonance Children's Workshop

The Children's Class is taught over 3 hours.
The children's workshop is open for children between the ages of 6 -12 years. This workshop has been design to allow children to use Heart Resonance on themselves, friends, and family.
By having your children activated with HR, you allow your children to live their lives without accumulating the build-up of emotional stagnation. This sets your child up for a better energetic future.  
Children can only do this workshop if one or more family members have HR.
Heart Resonance Teacher Training is also available
All teachers are trained by Trevor Gollagher, the founder of the Heart Resonance System. To apply for teachers training, please contact Trevor direct - info@trevorgollagher.com  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

To find an Approved Teacher near you follow link - http://heartresonance.com/approved-hr-teachers

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